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  1. I was an agnostic for many years, but God revealed Himself to me in the middle of the first Gulf War and I came to Christ. However, I still believed in evolution and an old earth due to the teaching I had received in school. I held to the “gap theory” until I was finally convicted by the clarity of scripture that either the science I was taught was right or the Bible itself was right.

    After much prayer, God led me to look at the science I had been taught in depth instead of relying on just surface headlines. At that time, I didn’t know there was anything such as creation science. But when I looked at the prevailing, secular science in depth, I was amazed at the multitude of assumptions they had made to present evolution and the long age of the earth as true. I then made a decision that the Bible was true and that what posed as science was merely opinion dressed up as science.

    It was only then that God led me to creation science where I discovered the immense amount of information and science that backed up a biblical account of creation. As I did more research and attended more conferences the creation science more aptly fit the world and its history.

    To those who think evolution and an old age of the earth is true, I would tell them to research the prevailing secular science in depth. You will see the assumptions, errors and outright lies that are presented as scientific truth.

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