Strength 7 – Use of the Word Day


The seventh strength of the Calendar-Day view is titled “Use of the word Day.”   The following is this point as excerpted from the PCA Report:

“The Genesis 1 account builds in a logical manner from the inanimate to the animate, finally climaxing with man as the focus of creation.  The use of ordinals with yôm, which is always an indication of sequence, reinforces this development.  Elsewhere in the Bible, every use of the ordinal with yôm correlates with its normal-day meaning, nor has any contrary example been found in extra-biblical writings.”


The structure of Genesis 1 is significant and reinforces the plain reading of the passage. Two important points are made in the PCA Report:

  1. Genesis 1 uses the ordinals with the word for day (yôm) to indicate a sequence – six sequential days of creation. This format is consistent with other similar passages in the Bible.
  2. Genesis 1 uses of the ordinal with day (yôm) to show a normal-day meaning. This is consistent other similar passages in the Bible and with extra-biblical writings.”

The word for day (yôm) is used in a number of ways throughout the Bible. However, in Genesis 1 the use is clearly to define a day of length.

In Conclusion

The seventh strength of the Calendar –Day view is that it is based a use of ordinals with the word for day (yôm). The use of ordinals is consistent with other passages that relate to sequence and days of ordinary length.