Strength 5 – Church Acceptance


The fifth strength of the Calendar-Day view is titled “Church Acceptance.”   The following is this point as excerpted from the PCA Report.

“The Calendar-Day view was that of the earliest post-canonical commentaries (e.g., Basil, Ambrose), of the medieval Scholastics (e.g., Aquinas, Lombard), of the magisterial Reformers (e.g., Luther, Calvin, Beza), and of the Puritans (e.g., Ainsworth, Ussher, Ames, Perkins, Owen, Edwards)[39].  It is the only view known to be espoused by any of the Westminster divines, which the Assembly affirmed over against the instantaneous view (e.g., Augustine, Anselm, and Colet).[40]


The Calendar-Day view of creation is historic view of the early church, the reformation, and the Presbyterian Church.  These facts are extensively documented in the Section II of the PCA Report: “Background to the Current Discussion of Creation Days.” The Traditional View is a good term to describe the historical roots of the Calendar-Day view.

In Conclusion

The fifth strength of the Calendar –Day view is its documented acceptance by the church.