Eight (8) strengths of the Calendar-Day view of creation

In the PCA Report, the proponents each accepted view of creation were permitted to list what they consider to be the strengths of their view and what they consider to be the objections to their view.  The proponents of the Calendar-Day did an outstanding job in listing the strengths of their view.  A total of eight (8) strengths were listed.  The strengths did not have titles, but are simply numbered.  This article provides a title for each strength.

Strength 1 – Language
Strength 2 – Historicity
Strength 3 – Fourth Commandment
Strength 4 – View of Humankind
Strength 5 – Church Acceptance
Strength 6 – Special Revelation Based
Strength 7 – Use of the Word “Day”
Strength 8 – PCA Tradition