Our Name

By James C. Rakestraw, PE, CFM

Our name, Creation Apologetics, Reformed reflects the focus, purpose, and personality of this website. Let us consider each component of the website name:

Creation – This website supports the view that creation was accomplished by God over a period of six days of ordinary length.  This view is termed the Calendar-Day interpretation in the PCA Report. This view is also termed the literal view, the traditional view, and the twenty-four-hour view. This view is termed the Day of Ordinary Length View in the OPC Report. All of these terms for this view of creation have merit. On this website, we will use the term Calendar-Day Interpretation primarily. However, other terms will be used in some situations. The Calendar-Day view of creation is developed from a plain reading of the creation account. This website supports the plain reading of the Bible including Genesis chapter 1 through 11.

Apologetics – Apologetics is basically the ability to explain what we believe and why we believe it. Christians should be conversant in all areas of apologetics. We should be able to explain why we believe that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are history and not poetry or storytelling. Attacks on the Bible focus on the first 11 chapters of Genesis. When Christians are able to defend Genesis 1 through 11, they are able to defend the entire Bible.

Christians should be conversant on matters of science. This does not mean that each of us needs to be expert in astronomy, biology, genetics, geology, etc. Being conversant in science does mean that we should know what the issues are and how both sides view the issues.

Christians need to be conversant in Bible Interpretation. This means that each of us should understanding the Biblical account of creation. It also means understanding other views of the account of creation.

Reformed – There are number of excellent creation apologetics websites. However, none of these appear to be self-consciously reformed. This website contributes to the creation discussion by bringing a reformed perspective to that discussion. Some components of this reformed perspective include:

  • Scholarship – The issue of creation has been addressed by both the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in reports to the General Assembly of the respective denominations.   Both reports reflect careful scholarship that lacking from many books that are critical of the plain reading of the first 11 chapters of Genesis.
  • Temperate Communication – The reports of both the PCA and OPC reflect denominations where there are several views of creation. In the PCA Report, each view was presented by its supporters in an orderly way. Areas of both agreement as well as disagreement were defined.
  • Respect for Process – The reports of both the PCA and OPC reflect a respect for process and discussion. The goal of the reports was to present findings – not to crush any particular view.
  • Westminster Confession of Faith – Creation is recognized as significant in the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). “Of Creation” is the title of Chapter IV of the WCF. Other chapters of the WCF contribute to the creation discussion.
  • Respect for Conscience – The WCF recognizes that Christians hold different views of creation with a clear conscience. Liberty of conscience is an important Christian doctrine and Chapter 20 of the WCF is titled “Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience.”