By: James C. Rakestraw, PE, CFM


Welcome to Creation Apologetics, Reformed. We are glad that you have visited and want to wish you well as you consider and explore creation. This website is about seriously considering, studying, understanding and supporting the doctrine of creation.

Two-Fold Purpose:

Creation Apologetics, Reformed has a two-fold purpose, which is stated as follows:

  1. Encourage the study of the Calendar-Day Interpretation (1) of creation and the first 11 chapters of Genesis as historical fact using a personal, self-directed, and reformed approach.
  2. Support the Calendar-Day Interpretation of creation in the market place of ideas in a reformed manner.

Our Focus:

The focus of this website is on the Biblical account of creation, the Flood and the Table of Nations (Genesis 1 through 11).

Our Vision:

Our vision is linked to our Two-Fold Purpose.

First, the website provides direction and materials for those who wish to study creation. Second, in the market place of ideas, we support the Calendar-Day view of creation in a reformed manner.

We anticipate that God open door of service in His way and in His timing. Our immediate vision is local. We are active in holding monthly meeting to discuss creation in one local church. We also conduct local geology field trips. We want to be faithful in small things so that later we can be faithful in larger things. We expect the Lord to open doors for service in the future

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